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Loving Energy - Empowering The Spirit Within

Meet Charmaine 


My LIFE EXPERIENCE has allowed me to design and empower the rich quality of Women and Men so they can live their best version of themselves.

The process of serving humanity has allowed me for over 30 years to help pulled back layers of individuals' internal garments into something that’s beautiful and relaxing that helps eliminate anxiety, depression, and relieve stress during the session.

Imagine your relief if you could sort through your life struggles with a different mindset that allows you to understand and appreciate the growth instead of circumstances; as we know the increase in mental health, aging parents, singleness of being lonely, short of finance, lack of resources, bullied child, can deepen anyone’s frustration.

My session will teach you techniques of how to step outside the box in any situation where your emotional or mental stress will no longer be a factor. You will begin to handle and manage situations, where you were once stuck, lost, overwhelmed, felt worried, felt hopeless, or defeated. However, when you have a life coach like myself, we can identify what’s not working and replaces it with what will eliminate stress naturally, and you and your family will begin to heal together.

In this process, everyone is accountable for the change they deserve and work towards living their best version of themselves, as they enjoy the life they always dream of.

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