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Real Talk, Real People, Real Conversation with Charmaine 

Live Podcast 

 Every Thursday at 4pm pst/ 7pm est

Having the opportunity to Host a Live Podcast every week, as a motivational speaking and consulting among Family and Women life issues, has allow me go to the extra mile, where I can touch hearts that need healing with a deep conversation that's relevance with life situations, that uplift, motivate, empower and simulate our thinking to help bring awareness to whatever situation that we all may be dealing with. So, we all can thrive toward living authentically, where all of us can stand in our truth in live a peaceful and happy life.  

Check out the Past Podcast shows below. 

Looking for Guest!

Episode #1

A Conversation w/ Candidate 

Merry Taheri 

Episode #2

What Mental Health Looks Like - Conversation with Charmaine

Episode #3

Starting and Building a Successful Business 

Episode #4

Book Discussion on Walking In Your Purpose

Episode #5

The Importance of Planning and Protecting Our Future with 

Will & Living Trust

Episode #6

Empowering the Mindset of Business Woman

Episode #7

10 Reason to be Compassionate With Someone Else Story

Episode #8

Financial Freedom as an 

Business Owner

Episode #9

Part One -"Understanding the Characteristics of Depression"

Episode #10

Our Words Have Power

Episode #11

The Author Lounge with Jenny White

Episode #12

Untold Story of Umar Shaheed

Episode #13

Understanding the Seven Principles of Self Love

Episode #14

Part Two "Understanding the Characteristics of Depression"

Episode #15

Making a Difference In the Community with Jeanette ALI

Episode #16

Domestic Violence Awareness Month with Latifah A. Hameen

Episode #17

Empower The Youth with Life Events

Episode #18

"Appreciating The Value of Man"


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Real Talk, Real People, and Real Conversation with Charmaine where the action begins to take place. From a thought perspective into conscious awareness. 

By informing, inspiring, and encouraging a spark to help us get motivated to want to do better for ourselves and the communities at large. 

If you like to become a guest or have suggestions or topics for our upcoming shows, please submit a request. We thank you for your loving support as a listener. 

We Thank you 

Charmaine Holland 

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