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Let's Have a Spirit-to-Spirit Conversation

Charmaine Holland, helps empower women to uncover life's trauma, and rediscover their true beauty in becoming authentic, so they can live their aligned purpose. 

As you open up and share the details about the challenges you are perceiving in your life with me, I will be fully present with you. I assure you; this is a safe space. I will offer you my divine spiritual insights and intuitive solutions that will give you guidance, peace, and awaken you to deeper understanding about your journey.

What's Stopping You

Every one of us can give a dozen reasons why we do not get what we want. But the good thing is we can change that by admitting and accepting that "YES" I need help with the following:

✅You are having challenges with obtaining peace of mind about a current issue in your life

✅You are struggling to overcome the blocks preventing you from connecting with your higher self

✅You find it hard to deal with life problems that are weighing heavy on your heart

✅You’re in need spiritual coaching to help you make the right decisions

✅You are feeling unsatisfied with your life and want to get unstuck

✅You’re in need of help to dissolve negative emotions from past trauma and unhealed wounds

The Investment is Worth it!


With building up your self-worth and confidence that you may be feeling that's holding you back from moving forward.


You will become more aligned with your ideal purpose of what you want to do in life.


Clarity and understanding about what it is that your truly find that's important to you, where you can begin to feel at peace and have joy with yourself, so to can strive toward reaching more of your goals.


Will help you, to know more about yourself in the area where you need attention, so you can live a more happy and positive life, by understanding your behavior and patterns that you have developed based on experience.

Here is exactly what you will receive: 

By you signing up for my 8 Week course or One on One Session, you will have the delight in learning the following strategy that will help you toward living your authentic self by Shifting: Mindset, Vision, Planning, Performance and so much more.

Divine spiritual insights about: Having a health connecting among one another where there is a heart to heart and spirit to spirit bond, by you getting clear of who you are and what's your life assignment is all about, so you can live the life you have to always dreamed of.

Answers to: Help you with any challenging question that you may have, by guiding you through any awkward or struggling where you think you feel like you're being held back.

Steps towards: You are getting clear of learning and understanding what it means to become your authentic self. Support with: Shifting the mindset with clarity by understanding toward helping identify your purpose and the challenges that you had to go through, so you can develop in seeing the beauty of who you are. 

1 Hour One on One Session $275

8 Week Course $3,000.00

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