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Changing Lives, By Changing their Perspective.

Empowering the Spirit Within 

Charmaine Holland has been visiting and mentoring the women in prison throughout the past 7 years having weekly and monthly spiritual programs to help shift their negative thoughts into a positive mindset toward having a better perspective of life without being the victim or thinking someone owes your anything.

Since then Charmaine has published several books that have been approved and constantly requested to be circulated among the institution. Her books have been requested from the brothers as well as the sister prison. She has received enormous thank you letters for books they have received each year. Charmaine has built a relationship among the chaplain's organizations in Southern California to help make sure the inmate received a spiritual workbook to keep their spirit & energy uplifted during some of the religious practice months. 

Charmaine continually volunteers her time to visit and mentor the women in prison, especially those who request to see her every week. She inspires them with her countless loving energy as they inspire her when she recognizes growth and changes from the ones that are being released. She doesn't expect to save them all, but if she can plant a seed to give them hope and help them to see life differently, her work is done. 

After reviewing the countless cases and speaking among the ladies, Charmaine is working side by side with other organizations to provide adequate resources to help bring Mental Health Awareness among families and friends to help save a loved one or friend from making the same mistake. But also become educated about the signs and know there is help. 

We will begin to offer more programs to help keep the ladies busy with plenty of self-care and self-love workshops to empower them, so they don't want or need to go back into the system. 

We accept donations to help keep the workshop going every month. 

Thank you 


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