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The Motivational Dr 

Changing Lives, by Changing Perspectives

Passionate Motivational Speaker 

Charmaine, Is a remarkable Entrepreneur Passionate Speaker, Author, and Chaplain, and above all a visionary with a clear precise direction of her purpose and future. Charmaine focus on empowering women to become authentic so they can stand in their aligned purpose. As well as help individuals build a successful career. For the past 39 years, she has dedicated her time to serving 30,000 women and more by sharing techniques and providing solutions to help them uncover life trauma and rediscover their life, so they can live their dream. Charmaine's impactful vision in leadership is about creating a self-made leadership experience for women and men by providing them with a clear vision with wisdom, knowledge, and tools to guide them to become authentic, by standing in their true alignment.Schedule a Free call with Charmaine 

Business Women/ Entrepreneur

To become successful in this world, you must take control of your finance by allow it work for you. Understanding the value of a dollar and knowing what it can do for you on personal and business level. Is how so many people became wealthy, especially those that I have sat under over the years. So when I started my business, I notice too many Businesses owner, have no clue if their business is making money or not. In don't know how to increase their profit without spending more. If this sounds like you, Let's Talk Schedule a Free Call with Charmaine 

Spiritual Life Consulting

As a spiritual being, I offer divine message from above that only God and Angels knows your divine secrets of your heart and your affairs on earth. I offer one on one coaching that provide solutions of getting you unstuck, remove the feeling of doubtful of self, help you not to be afraid of moving forward, change the feeling unwanted and so much more. My consulting work help expand your mind, body and spirit in areas where they need true guidance, support, structure and balance toward having a fulfilled life. Which will help, rediscover your true authentic self, so you are able to walk in your purpose with confidents and integrity.   Schedule a Free call with Charmaine 

Author - of Affirmations

It wasn't until 2020, when I became an author writing spiritual affirmations. I published 2 books called "Walking In Your Purpose" and "Walking With Grace" the both of these books, spoke life into me and everything I read them, I see something that I didn't see before. Which helped changed my mindset and allowed me to appreciate the value of understanding the power of our words. When I speak about affirmations, I'm not speaking on the surface of man, I'm speaking to the inner spirit of your being. Where many can start to value the true essence of how words can impact their lives. To learn more about affirmation schedule a free call. But order your book today.

Prison Outreach Ministry

Being Spiritual -Chaplain in local county jails in California, has allowed me the compacity to give back to the community, by supporting so many women that need my love, wisdom and knowledge while being incarcerated. There are so many women that are ready to receive and get the helps and support that they need so they can be a better mother to their children. Many of the ladies are incarcerated due to self-defense charges, domestic violence, being rape, drug user and, escaping from Human Trafficking. Therefore, it allows me to network with many other organizations that's ready to help and serve the ladies once they are release. Many are tired of repeating the cycle, where they are calling out for your help and support. So, if you're have an organization that's serving the needs to stand with the ladies, so they don't return, let's talk. Schedule a Free call with me

Weekly Podcast 

Real Talk, Real People and Real Conversation

Real Talk, Real People and Real Conversation

Passionate Speaker, Author and Spiritual Base-Chaplain

Charmaine loves having real-life conversations where she can learn and share her wisdom and knowledge with others around the world. Her energy alone uplift others, by making a huge impact on changing other people's lives, with lessons that self-align them toward living a fulfilled life.

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