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Changing Lives, by Changing Perspectives


Meet Charmaine 

Who She Is: Charmaine Holland is a passionate motivational speaker who offers spiritual life consulting, an avid author and a chaplain. Charmaine empowers the spirit of women who need her service by crossing her path, as she helps them overcome their life’s trauma and triggers so they can live a fulfilled life and becoming their authentic self. Her calling is getting out in the community to empower women from all walks of life. As a spiritual chaplain she offers weekly visits to the Women’s Detention Center Southern California based on the needs of individuals as well as group workshops.


Her work prepares and strengthens those women by helping them to build a better outlook on life from a different perspective based on the hurt and pain that got them where they are now. Charmaine helps them realize their journey of life. She gives a divine foresight that encompasses a bigger horizon and understanding of their own journey so they can be aligned with their life purpose. Charmaine has made an impact on fostering women’s untapped abilities for over the past 35 years.

Why She DoesIt: Charmaine Holland was inspired by a businesswoman that came into her life and nurtured her with unconditional love as well as teaching her everything that she needed to take her life to the next level after leaving home. She was hungry and determined to learn what it meant to become a successful parent and businesswoman. She was among smart, intelligent business owners who had everything that she wanted. Charmaine was able to reach her goals by being a Chief Financial Officer at 33 years old, making over 6 figures. She learned how by becoming a fashion designer, making her own clothing for herself and others as well as being a motivational speaker and music entertainer. She started her own financial bookkeeping & tax business at the age of 35, by helping other entrepreneurs learn how to build generation wealth.

As a result of everything she had experienced in life, she had a different spirit and mindset toward reaching her greatness. She still has a long way to go, but she realizes that her calling is to get out in the world in helping other women toward reaching their greatness. Just like she was helped, nurtured with love, it’s only right that she continues helping and giving back to those that need her support and guidance

How You Can Too: Charmaine’s main focus is to inspire others to reach their greatness in everything that she teaches. Charmaine has helped many coaches with better techniques that help them become better in what they do. Charmaine’s main motto is all about, “if she can do it, you can too.” Which is why she travels around the world motivating and empowering others to overcome their life challenges so they can find their greatness just like she did. If you think you can’t, however, if you want greatness, all you need to do is schedule a one-on-one consulting session with Charmaine in which she will change your mindset and perspective on how you see and value yourself. Juat Schedule a Call!

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