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Charmaine Holland is an incredible Public Speaker, Author, Chaplain, and Mentor to Human Trafficking Survivors! Her life-changing lessons help individuals self-align and find true fulfillment. She works with both incarcerated and non-incarcerated women, teaching them how to embrace the power positivity and loving energy. Through her teachings, Charmaine helps people align with their soul's purpose, unlocking the abundance of life. Her mindset and heartfelt techniques equip her clients and students to create loving energy and feel-good thought patterns that lead to a joyous and optimized life. When a person is in tune with their higher purpose and essence, inner abundance prevails. Every dream, wish, and desire comes into focus and is suddenly within reach. Since her twenties, Charmaine has learned to tap into her intuitive gifts, seamlessly pairing those abilities with Motivational Speaking and Life Consulting, helping other women live richer, more joyful lives aimed toward fulfilling their purpose.

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