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Monthly Mental Health Awareness

Is about bringing awareness to help and support our community and loved ones.

The program will be live and available on Zoom. Please sign up below to receive link information. Thank You 

June 11, 2022

When Pressure Mounts by Raven Saunder

Professional Athletics and her intense emotions go hand in hand with Raven Saunders, a 25-year-old shotputter, and 2021 Olympian, who has faced stiff pressure, devastating setbacks, and euphoric achievements as when she placed fifth in the 2016 Olympics. Saunders was riding high after the Rio games, honored with a parade in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, and a newfound celebrity at college.

But that joy was soon replaced by stress, anxiety, frustration, and depression, and Saunders nearly attempted suicide. But she reached out for help and has since become an advocate for athletes' mental health, as well as an example of how to develop difficult yet critical coping skills.

Since then she has developed techniques like understanding her triggers by noticing signs like isolation, which help her learn meditation and to cut the outside world off when needed. To void self-doubting and constantly beating self down with words, Saunder begins using positive affirmations daily to stop the negative talk. Doing these things has made me feel better since I'm not allowing myself to sit and absorb being in this dark place. When going from a high point to a low point, I think: I've made it through this time and time again. There's no reason I can't make it through now.

To learn more about Raven Saunder's story follow Psychology Today's September Issue

May 14, 2022

She didn't know “

Imagine waking up to receive a call, one morning from your child because they didn't know.

Sarah decided to get up and go to the gym, while she was there working out, she encountered a disagreement. The confrontation lead her to be escorted out of the gym. Sarah is now confused. She doesn't understand why she had to leave while holding up her membership card in her hand.

A call goes out to the local police department to help Sarah understand. Sarah decided to leave, while in her car the police shows up and asked her to get out of her car.

Now Sarah is afraid and fears that her life is in danger. So she decides to pull out a screwdriver on the officer.

To this day Sarah, a 26yr-old young lady doesn't understand what she did wrong.

Meeting Sarah in learning about her story propelled me to do more. So with Imam Hafiz and Sister Rudy's support. Together we are able to shine the light as a community that can prevent this from happening to another Sarah who may be struggling with mental health illnesses.

Our goal is to bring awareness to provide resources and solutions to families and friends to prevent this from happening to loved ones that mean the world to us.

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